We strongly believe that good IT professional services and customer satisfaction are the key components for successful company, so always we used to have these principals in front of our eyes, which help us in providing best designs and services.

Short list of our ITC customers and projects:-

  • Bank of Palestine, more than tens of projects in different technologies, LAN, WAN, Security, VOIP.etc.
  • Yearly support contact with Jerusalem District Electricity Co.
  • Yearly support contact with Bank of Palestine.
  • Bank of Jordan, several LAN, Routing, and VoIP projects.
  • Palestinian Monitory Authority, Cable management, LAN, data center. 
  • Jerusalem District Electricity Co. WANs, LAN, Security projects.
  • GTZ several networking, data security, and VoIP projects.
  • MNE Ministry of National Economy, cabling, LAN, WAN, security VoIP
  • Ministry of Supplies network design and implementation.
  • Ministry of Finance, tens of projects LAN, Security.
  • Alquds University several networking projects.
  • UNIPal branches connectivity with the main site including firewalls.
  • Ministry of Labor several IT projects. 
  • Alquds open university several routing, LAN and security project.
  • Ministry of finance more than 20 training courses in difference Cisco technologies.
  • UNDP several Cisco projects.
  • Palestinian Monitory Authority several routing and networking projects.
  • President office UPSs, Cabling, and Data center projects.
  • Government Computer Center tens of routing projects.
  • Bank of Jordan IPS, security, VoIP projects.
  • Mada many BSA projects.
  • Zaytona many ISP projects.
  • Bank of Palestine more than 3 Juniper Security projects.
  • Birzeit University several LAN, WAN and security projects.
  • Hadara many network and IT projects
  • Jerusalem District Electricity Company wireless solution to cover its buildings and controlled by controller.
  • Thousands of projects in providing different services like training, hardware warranty, support configuration and consultation, in different technologies, networking, security, VoIP, and System for customers in different sectors.
  • Quds bank wireless solution to cover it building.



Power is very imperative and each sector may have certain needs and requirements, we have diverse knowledge in implementing these solutions to different types of customer, commercial, government and institutional, health sector...etc.

Short list of power customers and projects:-

  • President office UPSs, Cabling, and Data center projects.
  • Birzeit University,4Elen UPS WITH 30,40,60 &100KVA.
  • President office :48KVA APC UPS.
  • Ministry of Economy:120KVA UPS.
  • Red Crescent Society :120KVAElen UPS.
  • Palestine Medical Center:100KVAElen UPS.
  • Palestine Medical Center: 5 Units of Elen UPS with 40KVA.
  • Southern ElectricityCompany : Modular 20-120 KVA.
  • Grand Park Hotel:2 Units of Elen 20KVA UPS.
  • BBC TV:20KVAElen UPS.
  • Pharmaceuticals : 20KVA Elen UPS.
  • Monetary Authority: 20KVA Elen UPS.
  • Al-Quds University:20KVA Elen UPS.
  • Anti-Corruption Commission:15KVA Elen UPS.
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