Axizo, established in 1999 by a group of Palestinian Computer Technology Experts, as one of the well-known and most reliable advanced IT Training Company in the region. Axizo succeeded to be one the first choice for many private and governmental institutions since it does respect its customers' demands and needs; ensures their optimum satisfaction and keep its high standards and earned reputation.

     In the midst of the very different and massive services offered in IT Market in area, Axizo performs and acts upon its belief that the training courses we offer are not merely services but solutions and approaches to empower your future. By providing comprehensive, flexible and engaging training courses, we will guarantee a major step in the employment ladder and enhancing our customers' life opportunities.

     During the preceding work period, Axizo has been denoted as one of the best IT training providers in the area. We tend to implement and follow a strict policy for quality assurance with constant monitoring and persistent attempts for reinforcing a process of development and improvement. We have done several researches, studies and needs assessment in the IT domain which yielded in expanding and reaching top-notch services in IT field.

     Axizo offers a specialized and inclusive package of training courses that are available for both institutes and individuals. These courses do meet the needs and aspirations of our customers and simultaneously comply with the most recent developments in the IT domain.

     Our trainers are the interface of our quality and competence in Axizo; we invest in the trainers and instructors and seek to improve their skills and potentials on a regular basis so that Axizo provides. For this purposes, we conduct a participants’ survey for all the courses we hold.

     We, at Axizo, believe that the quality of our services is the key of our success, thus, we constantly work on maintaining our high standards and sustainable process of improvement and surpassing.
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